If you feel a dire need to get in touch with me, the best way to do so would be by emailing me at:


I will most likely email you back. It may take me a few days. But I almost always reply to anyone who gets in touch. Unless I flat out forget. Sometimes, I check my email, get interrupted and have ot walk away, and by time I get back to my computer or whatever electronic device I check my email on, I have forgotten that I didn’t reply. Sometimes, though I have to walk away, I think about the email, and in my head, reply to it. For some reason, when I reply in this way, the original sender never┬áreceives┬áthe reply. Someone needs to work on that. Email by telepathy? I can see how that might, ahem, be a bad thing. But if we had the ability to retract them before the recipeint sees them, then it would be ok, right? Ok, maybe not. Well, until they get that perfected, please bear with me if I do not reply right away. Or at all. =^..^=

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  1. I tried to leave a comment (finally) on your Bead Soup piece (I am so behind, I’m so sorry, health has sucked eggs) but I did get your blog post linked properly today and I am SO IMPRESSED with what you did! Holy cow.

    Thanks for your patience and I hope you’ll participate again!

  2. Hello Heather, thank you so much for leaving a nice comment on my Blog Soup post it is so heartening when someone leaves a comment and is much appreciated.

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