Since I am new at this game, this wonderful wide world of online selling, I have been feeling out several sites that host shops, trying to find both my niche, and the best possible site to that generates “foot traffic” and hopefully boost sales. Please bear with me, as I try to figure it all out! As of right now, July, 2012, I have listings on both Etsy and on The Craft Star. Due to the nature of “One Of A Kind” items, it is impossible for me to list the same items on both sites, because it would be my luck that the stars would align, Jupiter would wave to the moon, and I’d sell the same item at the same time on both sites! So, as I list items, and share them here on my blog, and on my website: I will continue to create links taking you directly to the listing, wherever it may be! I’m sorry for any confusion that may cause, and I hope it doesn’t frustrate or deter anyone who might otherwise visit my shops! I am planning to make direct sales through Mama’s Craft Room website eventually, but need to sort out the logistics and such.
Thank you for visiting and I hope I have provided you with something to inspire, excite, or otherwise brighten your day. =^..^=

Update, September 16, 2013: I am closing my Etsy shop, and offering 20% off if you use the coupon code: BYEETSY at checkout so I don’t have to move old inventory to my website. I hope you find something you like there!

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