When You Wish…

When You Wish…

I have been busy! I have long wanted to try my hand at making a tree of life, and indeed I did make a few before. But I wanted to make something based on a feeling I had, a notion, a little voice in the back of my mind.. I don’t know how to explain it, but I sat down one day and my tree came to life.

I call it “When You Wish Upon A Star” and have made several of these now. I will soon be listing them in my shops! I have many more tree ideas, among other things, and I am planning on getting them all created to my satisfaction in the next few days. I have been playing with rings lately. My favorite by far is my Lost Copper ring:

I am quite pleased with it, and plan to make this and many more to list in my shops!

In other news, our “stained glass” was a hit! The kids had a great time being creative and getting involved in a different medium then they usually get to play with, and the results were fun and beautiful! I have really creative kids! We were going to draw our own pictures to use, but they started getting frustrated with it, so we picked out “coloring pages” that we found on the internet and printed them out. Then, we trimmed them to fit within the boundaries of the plexiglass that we bought at Lowe’s for a couple bucks a piece. We taped them to the plexiglass on the side we did not remove the protective plastic coating, and flipped it over. On the bare plexiglass, we traced the images with a black Sharpie. I had the brilliant idea that after the Sharpie, I would go back over the lines with my hot glue gun, thus creating a more stained glass effect by having the raised wells in which the paint would go, and not run all over the whole thing. However, my children have very keen eyes for detail, and as such, selected extremely detailed images. After outlining the major largest areas on Valerie’s glass, I decided we would forego it all together on Weise’s glass. Then the paints came out. I found “stained glass paints” on clearance at Hobby Lobby several weeks ago, and L brought over more, as I had asked her to pick up the two colors Hobby Lobby didn’t have-we now have enough to last us awhile 😉
The kids painted and perfected, and the end results are fantastic!

Here are the awesome results:

Can you guess which is whose??? It was fun, and I’m sure it’ll be happening again soon! Well, it’s a raining afternoon, and I LOVE to craft when it’s rainy, sort of a meditation.. So, until next time, peace out! =^..^=

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